Masculine Underground Symposium

Uncovering optimal masculinity through advanced energetic training with women

On June 6th, 2015, a group of hand-selected men learned esoteric training from five experts of different fields.

While the focus was women, the understanding that training towards better sex, relationships, and man-woman dynamics was a benefit secondary to revealing one's greatest potential as a man. For a man who is attracted to women, the female serves as one of the most effective mirror's to the individual male's psyche.

This is not beginner material. All the information is presented with the assumption that you are conscious enough absorb and implement.

Intended Audience: men

Intro by Sukhtej and Ruwan
Electromagnetic Sex
Ken Blackman Part 1
Ken Blackman Part 2
Interview: Intuition and Relationships
Interview pt 2: Intuition and Relationships
Stepping into Tension 1
Stepping into Tension 2
Interview: A lifelong tension practice
Interview pt 2: A lifelong practice of tension
Domination and Submission 1
Om 2
Rob 1
Rob 2
Interview: Business and Relationships 1
Interview pt 2: Business and Relationships
Panel Q&A

What's included

  • 17 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Ruwan Meepagala